Walk Softly- a brand new track from BAT. Released on August 7, 2015. Watch the video here:


'All This Time' (title track of the album 'All This Time') live at the Peacock Theatre, Hobart, Tasmania






BAT album releases

Shades (2001)

Deeper Shades (2004)

All This Time (2007)

Songs From the Dark Wood (2009)

Down Under Sky EP (2012)

All released BAT tracks are available on the web store (home page) for single song or album download purchase.

Free Spirit (2008) is a compilation of Shades, Deeper Shades, & All This Time. Available only via email order: malbat@malbat.com.

 Production music

BAT's instrumental music has been played on ABC Radio (Local and National), Edge Radio, WHUM Radio Indiana USA, Virgin in-flight entertainment, & Queensland Rail. In addition there have been segments used on various infomercials about space.