Songs from the Dark Wood

by BAT

Released 2009
Released 2009
Rock Art where thoughtful lyrics meet a cascade of guitar driven tunes lying on a bed of warm orchestral sounds and carried along with powerful , haunting rhythms.
This is the fourth album from BAT. A natural progression from the atmospheric Rock Art Instrumentals contained in the previous 3 albums. 'I've found my voice again' he was heard to say. Most of the tracks on this album have lyrics while a few still hold the original Instrumental Magic.
The guitar is still my voice but now that I'm singing aswell you get two of me for the price of one.
I really love each track for the emotions that went into it and the music which has resulted from much soul searching and a general love of doing different things with my guitar playing. This still includes letting rip.
Each song has a story behind it which will be told in time.