Down Under Sky

by BAT

Released 2012
Released 2012
A departure from his previous Instrumental style, this Roots Rock selection of new songs and re-mixes of two of the earlier releases, retains the strong guitar presence with great female backing from ARIA award winner Deb Manskey.
From a small farming community in the NE. England to London and then on to Japan/Borneo and finally Australia, Malcolm BAT Battersby continues his mission to write/record and play his own brand of Instrumental and Roots Rock.' Someone said it's not about the destination ,but the journey' and quite a little trip he's had so far.
Experiences from London and Japan then Borneo have given BAT a unique perspective on a very diverse world which forms a large part of his creative spark. The other side of this wandering Englishman is his love of just plugging in with a band and letting rip,' bloody good fun mate' [if it's done right]
The new EP 'Down Under Sky' contains some belting rock tracks 'Palace of Dreams re-mix for example shows BAT's flair for the rock genre where 'Comes Around-The Witch re-mix' is more of a link to his Instrumental albums in feel [also available on CD Baby] .
The EP starts off with a stripped down Roots style song called 'Down Under Sky' where for the first time Bat gets the slide guitar thing happening.
'Haven't really got a favourite on this release - I actually do like them all ....I think it's the story behind each one that holds the moment.