Deeper Shades

by BAT

Released 2004
Released 2004
Instrumental Rock /Ambient mood music with a Bluesy guitar weaving around grooves.
Hello and thanks for coming to the new CD for a bit more info about Bat.
This one has taken me about a year to complete and I'm really pleased with the results. As in the first album 'Shades' I have continued the instrumental themes route but there is a hint of things to come when Bat begins the live side and takes his band out on the road.
I'm now living in beautiful Tasmania as an Australian Citizen and enjoying the great natural heritage of the place as long as the logging companies and the Government don't destroy the trees and native animals which they seem intent on doing. See Greenpeace and The Wilderness Society web pages for more info.
Each of the songs on this new album is a reflection on the place where I live and the first track 'The Place of the Stars' is a literal translation of the Aboriginal name for my village MURDUNNA.
The last album sold really well and with your support I will continue to write and make good chill out sounds. See you all soon I hope with my band. BAT...