All This Time

by BAT

Released 2007
Released 2007
Instrumental/Ambient Guitar Rock
The 3rd Album from BAT features a bonus DVD filmed live at a show in Hobart , Tasmania.
Songs on the CD are an axtension of the first two albums 'Shades' and 'Deeper Shades' both available from CDBaby.
Introducing some lyrics into 3 of the tracks is a direct result of the live band gigs and the audience feedback.
All This Time and what have we learned from the mistakes of the past...still killing people and the environment , still tribal and selfish...well if you've read this far then you can fill in the rest aswell as connect with the music and find the hope embroidered inside. Finishing off with Dirty Water where the double meanings show themselves I'm hoping to make statements without preaching.
I did put a little love song in though, 'The Peace Within'is the classic acoustic mid set number.
Please find the right time and space to get into my new album/dvd and TURN IT UP!