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Love your sound mate !!! im sending on your link to my music manager friend in SA.Great to see you play at the Marion Bay falls festival in Tasmania this year.cheers Mal
BAT, you create such beautiful, emotive music. What a gift. Thank you. Xx
Thank you for your music. Are you going to be in Wichita KS?
Looking forward to having proper internet so I can listen to more tracks!
Hey Malcolm good to see you are still rocking,hope you are well mate cheers
Hey mate, Web site is great, the music is better, but with you it always was. Good luck with it and all the best. and by the way dont forget im around if you need anything repaired, goes for mates of the BAT too. Infact anyone who refernces this page on a repair get 20% off!
i just had to check this website out, and i was very pleasantly surprised, i thought it would be a lot more rock and roll, all of these tracks are astonishing!!! Im deeply in love with ANXIETY, play it before i head to school, gets me excited for the day!!
gday mate.wish i knew how to use this computer properly!!!!love da site.hope all is well in tas.28deg today,rode to da library4da computers with kye
Hey Mal, Nice site! I just listened to "All this time". Very tight boogie on the guitar. What a great journey you are on. Cheers and see you at SPACE...
Hey mate , realy good to hear from you , love your new site , looks great and the new music is sweet . We are still hanging out in rural Wa , have been doing a bit of mixing and jamming ,. there is great talent hiding away in every town !! got a jam shed set up out the back and have bought a tascam fw - 1884 for recording . All the best to you and hope to catch up face to face one day .
very very good Malcolm. The images came up fast, interesting photos too. Tell me if you ever want any more of you because I will gladly take more to add as you go along. None
Bat you did an amazing job on your site. Your video loaded up in lightning speed with not one hiccup, & it is awesome! Love & Hugs from the other side of the world! Mitzi
Fantastic Site Malcolm, love the graphic. So happy that your new album is up, up and away. With Love. Justis. x
Hi there, I'm staying with ang so we thought we'd try and get in touch. We think you're the best too!!!! Get in touch. xx
Just the Best !
I LOVE BATS and the band are really kicking.I want to give you all of my money.
hey man, so good to to read up on your rig, sounds like it realy kiks, at the mo i'm all digital, got a nice new lappy and running through ampitude 2, hey i know , it aint tube but close enough, so wish i could visit and have a cup of tea and reminiss , all the besr mate ...
One of the coolest and melodic damn guitar players I've heard in ages!
great to see this happening in tas. regards gregg